Awww yeah!

Woo woo! Kickstarter donor rewards are in the building. We’ll also be releasing our music video and singles next week! Better late than never, right?

Lazy Sunday

A little shameless promo and Florida lovin by the wonderful Miss Jaime at your local Ocala Office Depot, hahaha! She even opened up our Facebook page on all the demo computers. Awesome. <3

On the road again. America’s Got Talent audition tomorrow in Salt Lake City. Woo woo! (at Ass End of Nowhere)

Shooting some closing shots with @onecoolbean @viashane and @jmorodp.

Too much fun.

Loooove this city! The shoot was amazing. Gahhhh!

On the road again.

BoB FM 93.7 representin’ (at Americom Broadcasting)